Sunday 2 December 2012

Christmas Parades, Morrisburg, Gananoque

Saturday December 1, 2012

When I woke up this morning and it was –8ºC.  I knew we were in for a cold day. Despite the temptation to crawl back into bed, I “soldiered on”, dressed in many layers and headed for the breakfast rendezvous enroute to Morrisburg for their Christmas Parade. A few of us have established a tradition to partake of a hearty hot breakfast in order to ward off the cold. We are not sure that it makes any difference but it gives us an opportunity to query each other as “why are we doing this?” A sanity check if you will. Only a few braved the cold and the early morning drive, but we got our bitching out of the way and headed for the parade.

Yes it had warmed up in Morrisburg, to –6ºC. We got dressed inside the Fire Hall and at 11:00am, 11 redcoats stepped off to lead the parade. 8 rifles and 3 colour party under the command of C Sgt. Bruno, Les from Montreal joined us. We followed the police car through the streets of Morrisburg, passing crowds that WE often outnumbered. After the parade, 4 of us paid a quick visit to the Retirement Home on the route to greet those that could not make it out. The resident ladies, with lustful eyes, wanted to keep John R, but Carl distracted them with a few tunes, and we escaped unharmed.

By evening it had warmed up to –2ºC in Gananoque, and felt so balmy, we were thinking of removing our tunics as not to overheat :-). 12 weather-hardened members, 8 rifles and 4 colour party put on a fiery display to thrill the crowds on King St. C Sgt Bruno and Sgt Lindsay provided great leadership, advancing us by wings down the street. Another traditional well deserved warm up was held at Moroni’s. I heard that all Fenians have been flushed from the premises.

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